April 2 - Italian Feminism
Paola Melchiori, Psychoanalysis in Early Italian Feminism, 2015.

March 2 & 6 Kurdish Feminisms
Nadje Al-Ali and Latif Tas, reconsidering nationalism and feminism, 2018.

Abdullah Öcalan, extracts from Liberating Life, 2013.

Sakine Cansiz, extracts from Sara: My Whole Life Was a Struggle.

Feb 5 - Anne Anlin Cheng
Ornamentalism: a feminist theory of the yellow woman, 2018.

Jan - Hypatia Trust, Penzance
Milan Women’s Bookshop Collective, The Practice of Doing, 1987.

Hazel V Carby, White Woman Listen!, 1982.

Khairani Barokka, ‘Moon Dances with Three Planets,’ ‘Eve and Mary Are Having Coffee,’ and ‘Coffee Monologues,’ 2016.


Dec 1 - Translation as a Feminist Practice
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s ‘The Politics of Translation’ from her book Outside in the Teaching Machine 1993

Nov 3 - Adriana Cavarero
Cavarero’s essay ‘On the Outskirts of Milan’ Chapter 5 from Relating Narratives: Storytelling and Selfhood

Oct 6 - Suzanne Santoro, Per Una expresiones nuova/Towards New Expression
Suzanne Santoro’s artist book ‘Per Una Expressione Nuova/ Towards New Expression’

Rozsika Parker’s article in ‘Spare Rib’

Speculum of the Other Women, Luce Irigaray

Sep 8 - Lotta Feminista/ Wages for Housework
Silvia Federici, Wages Against Housework 1975

Maria Dalla Costa and Selma James, The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community 1972

Aug 11 - Libreria della Donne di Milano(Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective)
Chapter 1, Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective

Teresa de Lauretis, ‘The Practice of Sexual Difference and Feminist Thought in Italy: An Introductory Essay’

Jul 14 - Revolta Femminile and Carla Lonzi
’Let’s Spit on Hegel’, Carla Lonzi 1970

‘Manifesto’, ‘I Say I’ and ‘On Woman’s Refusal to Celebrate Male Creativity’, Rivolta Feminile 1971

Mar 3 - Carla Lonzi, Antonella Nappi and La Libreria della donne di Milan/Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective
’Let’s Spit on Hegel’, Carla Lonzi 1970
Antonella Nappi, ‘Nudity’, 1971

‘Sexual Difference, A Theory of Social-Symbolic Practice’, Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective 1987


Dec 5 - Hydrofeminism
Astrida Neimanis, ‘Hydrofeminism”, 2012 and ‘Bodies of Water, Human Rights and the Hydrocommons’, 2009.

Nov 7 - Wages for Housework - Confrontation
Transcription of the 1975 televised episode of Confrontation, produced by CBC.

The Autonomy of Black Lesbian Women, by Wilmette Brown of Black Women for Wages for Housework, and the manifesto Fucking is Work, by Wages Due Lesbians.

Oct 3 - Woman at Work
Transcription of the first seminar from, ‘Women at Work: A Week of Women’s Performance in Australia’

Sep 5 - Feminism in China
Leta Hong Fincher, ‘Fighting Back’ from Leftover Women ,2014

Jul 4 - Right-Wing Women
Andrea Dworkin, Right-Wing Women, ‘The Promise of the Ultra-Right’

May 22 - Questioning Through Writing
Writing session led by Gabby Moser from EMILIA-AMALIA, Toronto

Apr 4 - Kyla Wazana Tomkins

Kyla Wazana Tomkins: ‘We Aren’t Here to Learn What We Already Know’, 2016

Mar 7 - Islamic Feminisms
’New Introduction: Why Does The Veil Scare Europe?’ from Beyond the Veil by Fatema Mernissi

‘Islamic Feminism: what’s in a name’ by Margot Badran, 2002

Feb 7 - A History of Arab Feminism
Screening of the film ‘Feminism Inshallah: A History of Arab Feminism’ 2014 dir. Feriel Ben Mahmou


Dec 6 - Tiqqun, Sonogram of a Potential
Translation of ‘Sonogram of a Potentiality’, Tiqqun 2011

Nov 1 - Icelandic Women’s Strike of 24th Oct 1975
’Kvennafridagurinn’, Chapter 6 of Marie Elizabeth Johnson’s 1984 thesis ‘Women In Iceland’

Oct 4 - Linda Zerilli and Anne Boyer
’Feminism and the Abyss of Freedom’ by Linda Zerilli, 2005

‘Garments Against Women’ by Anne Boyer, 2016

Sep 6 - Scuola Senza Fine, School Without End: Italian Women and the 150 Hour School Diploma Course
Screening of the film ‘Scuola Senze’, 1983, dir. Adriana Monti

Aug 2 - Queer Beograd
’Forensic Anthropology’, 2009 and ‘Anti-fa-Fags’ 2006

Jul 5 - Adriana Cavarero
Interview of Cavarero by Elisabetta Bertolino, 2008

Jun 7 - The Milan Women’s Bookshop Collective and the Practice of the Unconscious
Lia Cigarini and Luisa Abba, ‘L’obiezione della donna muta’ (The objection of the silent woman), 1976

May 3 - Transfeminisms
Extract from film, ‘My Sexuality is an Art Creation’, Lucia Egana Rojas, 2011

Translation of ‘Manifesto Transfeminista’, 2010

Apr 5 - Gloria Anzaldua and Barbara Christian
Gloria Anzaldua’s ‘Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza’, 1987

Barbara Christian’s ‘The race for theory’, 1987

Mar 1 - Affidamento (Entrustment)
Workshop inspired by artist Alex Martinis Roe

Feb 2 - Feminist Duration Reading Group, where to next?

Reflections on the ‘Now You Can Go’ programme of events, London